Drakensberg Cableway Proposal

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Media Coverage (since 2020)

Tourism boost for Drakensberg by Shorné Bennie

MEC for Economic Development and Tourism and Environmental Affairs (Edtea), Siboniso Duma, conducted an oversight visit on Saturday to monitor the progress of the project that was restarted in May this year.

TIKZN CEO Neville Matjie provided a status update on the project at a briefing session at the Bergville Sports Complex. He said a feasibility study and business plan had already been developed and there was interest in the project from an investor perspective.

The Witness, 17 July 2023

Media Coverage of the Busingatha Proposal (2012-2016)

R6m spent on Berg cableway... and that's just planning by Daily News

Durban - Even before the first pylon is hoisted, the proposed Drakensberg cable car project has cost KwaZulu-Natal almost R6-million. This is according to a reply in the KZN Legislature to Ann McDonnell, the DA's spokeswoman on Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA).

Daily News, 30 September 2016

Province pays R3.6m for more studies on cable car by Bongani Hans

The provincial government has set aside R3.6 million to conduct further studies for the development of a cable car tourist attraction for the Drakensberg.

The Mercury, 30 September 2016

It Worked For Table Mountain. Can The Drakensberg Handle A Cable Car? by Dana Sanchez

Local and foreign investors are in Durban at a two-day conference for a proposed Drakensberg cable car project that has been promoted as a no-brainer and game changer for tourism and the communities living near the Maloti-Drakensberg Park UNESCO World Heritage site in KwaZulu-Natal.

AFK Insider, 22 June 2016

Drakensberg cable car development a 'long-term investment' by Steve Bhengu

A cable car installer from Italy has applauded KZN's move to develop a cable car in the Drakensberg saying the province has more than what it takes to sustain and grow the project.

East Coast Radio, 21 June 2016

Investors 'keen to back' Berg cable car project by Nokubonga Mthethwa & Barbara Cole

Some of the potential investors - including South Africans - keen to back the ambitious project, have converged in Durban for a two-day Drakensberg Cable Car Investment Conference and Exhibition at the International Conference Centre (ICC).

Daily News, 21 June 2016

Berg cable car 'a boon' by Edward West

Zikalala said while the government was maintaining a prudent fiscal policy, its intervention was needed on large projects such as the cable car to boost employment, productivity and trade, issues which a tight fiscal policy could not address.

He was speaking at the Drakensberg Cable Car Investment Conference and Exhibition at Durban's International Convention Centre, which was attended by foreign cable car operators and potential investors.

The Witness, 21 June 2016

DA appalled at 'pie in the sky' cable car project by Tony Carnie

DA MPL Ann McDonnell accused Mabuyakhulu of sidelining the provincial portfolio committee on economic affairs, by failing to keep it informed on the proposed project.

"The DA is appalled that this pie in the sky project is back on the table. The initiative has had very little support from both conservation and local stakeholders, yet the MEC appears determined to bulldoze ahead with it.

That the portfolio committee has also not been kept informed of any developments smacks of arrogance by the MEC and his department."

The Mercury, 25 May 2016

Cableway plan still up in the air by Nivashni Nair
" 'This new feasibility study is strange. Why is this being done again? It seems that they want to conduct feasibility studies until they get the answer they are looking for. We already know that the cableway will not be feasible,' said DA spokesman Ann McDonnell yesterday.

Opponents of the project - hiking and climbing organisations, the local AmaZizi community and environmentalists - are not listed as invited delegates.

Chris Sommer of Vertical Endeavour, which runs a community-driven website featuring the Maloti-Drakensberg mountains, yesterday said the repeated exclusion of important stakeholders was cause for concern and placed the proposal in a 'very questionable light'.
'A sound proposal needn't fear scrutiny. Assurances were given last year by the department that all would be welcome to attend the conference and that all are welcome at the table of ideas'. "
The Times, 24 May 2016

Moves to kick-start Berg cable car project by Tony Carnie
"Though Mabuyakhulu has previously stated that the proposal would include a full environmental impact assessment, a brief legal notice in The Mercury last week announced that tenders for the cable car EIA had been cancelled.

A separate legal announcement on the same day invited consortiums to bid for 'the works for proposed development of the Drakensberg cable car' and a new full feasibility study into the project. Selected groups have also received an invitation to attend a new investors conference at the Durban ICC from June 20-21.

Bheko Madlala, a spokesperson for the MEC, did not respond to queries yesterday on the reasons for the cancellation of the EIA or the need for a new feasibility study.
The Mercury, 20 May 2016

Many benefits expected from cable car route: Mabuyakhulu by Anelisa Kubheka
"He says currently the tourist arrival in Durban currently is 300 000 and a study conducted has shown that this number will increase by 100% because of the 7km cable car route proposed to be in the Busangathi Valley.

'For us it is a project we have taken and we are going ahead with it. We will be hosting the investment conference in the month of June around the cable car because we think this is a catalyst,' he said.

'We also see that it will increase investment opportunities in the region of between R7 billion to R8 billion. These are the spin offs that will come out a R500 million investment on the cable car and cable way,' Mabuyakhulu said."
East Coast Radio, 7 May 2016

Drakensberg cableway pending environmental assessment by Tessa Reed
"An environmental impact assessment is being carried out to assess the impact of the proposed Drakensberg cableway, says Bheko Madlala, Senior Manager: PR and Media Liaison for KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Tourism. According to Madlala, a developer has not yet been appointed for the development of the cableway. He said once the EIA has been completed and other regulatory processes have been followed, the department will decide on a way forward."
Tourism Update, 31 March 2016
(the accuracy of this report is questionable since the EIA had supposedly not commenced yet at the time)

Why secrecy over cable car? by Steve Cooke
"It would appear that the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) is organising a "sweetheart" event where only favoured organisations are allowed to attend.

Why all the secrecy? What does the EDTEA have to hide from the public and the press?."
The Witness, 30 March 2016

Durban to host cable car conference by Giordano Stolley
"Durban is set to host a conference and exhibition on cable cars which KwaZulu-Natal's economic development, tourism and environmental affairs MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu hopes will provide the answers to building a cable car in the Drakensberg mountains.

The conference, announced on Tuesday, is expected to be held next month over three days from April 3 to April 5."
IOL / African News Agency, 23 March 2016
(Several shorter reports, covering the same details, were published in other papers, though it appears there was a retraction of this media release soon after.)

Berg cable car 'will do wonders for area' by Chris Ndaliso
"Mazibuko said: 'We envisage that in seven to 10 years from now, this cable car will be a project on the ground. We need to take into consideration that the environmental impact assessment can take up to two years.'
'The project has been talked about too much, but there was lack of political will and certain opposition contributed to the delays in moving ahead with the necessary groundwork,' he said."
IOL, 15 September 2015

MEC Michael Mabuyakhulu: KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs Prov Budget Vote 2014/15 by SA Government
"In our last budget policy speech we reported that we had commissioned a feasibility study for the development of a cable car in the Drakensberg mountain range. We are delighted to inform this house about the progress that has been scored thus far.

"Since the proposed venue of the project is located adjacent to one of the country's UNESCO declared heritage sites, the Drakensberg Ukhahlamba mountain range and local traditional communities, we had to canvass inputs from various affected parties, including those responsible for advocating biodiversity protection. While an expert organization Graham Muller Associates undertook the project feasibility assessment, we held briefing and consultative meetings with neighbouring communities under traditional councils of eMangwaneni, Mazizini and KwaShabalala and we are happy to report that such sessions were well received.

"The initiation estimates as per the interim business plan point to around R500 million that would be required to get this investment on track. As part of the initiation of the project, market testing to ensure long term project sustainability and the ability to trigger other business operations that could unleash business and employment opportunities was essential. We are pleased to report that the initiative promises significant business opportunities for both small scale local entrepreneurs and established businesses.

"Besides the immediate affected parties like communities, statutory bodies and environmental activists and as well as the proximity to the Free State and Lesotho made a compelling case that we integrate our government counterparts in these two neighbouring areas, hence we are in constant liaison with relevant Ministers in Lesotho and the Free State to ensure a collective interest in the project, which we believe has cross-border socio-economic benefits.

"In September this year, I will host a meeting with my counterparts from the two neighbouring areas and as well as our own National Minister of Environment Affairs to update them on the progress made and canvass their unwavering support and commitment for this project. In terms of protocols, the Department of Environmental Affairs would be an ideal official link with UNESCO which is the formal guardian of the Drakensberg as a heritage site. At the same time, the Ingonyama Trust has also expressed a keen interest in the initiative as it could have an impact on land under its jurisdiction and therefore it became imperative that they become of one of our contact stakeholders.

"However, as stated above, the project is situated adjacent to a world heritage site which necessitates that the environmental impact assessment exercise would have to be conducted with considerable sensitivity of our natural capital. Relevant interested parties such as UNESCO and our own National Department of Environmental Affairs had to be informed to solicit their wise counsel to ensure that even the compilation of the Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Assessment are reflective of the stature of the environment within which the project is located.

"However, we want to state that this is not the first time that a project of this magnitude has been attempted in a world heritage site and to this end, we are confident that this cable car investment will receive positive response from all quarters including the United Nations. Concerns about the current state of the R74 motorway have been raised with the Premier of the Free State and SANRAL to ensure that there is synergy in the upgrading of this crucial travel facility.

"Meanwhile, to advance this project, there was a need to identify the project champion that would act as a business applicant for the utilisation of the site for the development of the cable car. We believe that Ithala Development Finance Corporation, based on its historical experience in conceptualising and implementing business models such as industrial parks and shopping malls, has the requisite know-how to handle a project of this magnitude.

"Ithala has therefore been assigned the responsibility of initiating the process of undertaking the scanning of an appropriate business model and developing the terms of reference that would correctly influence the content of the EIA to be presented to appropriate authorities, probably including UNESCO if need be. This implies that a formal spatial development plan covering all developmental projects aligned to the cable car would be developed and other developmental agencies like IDC, DBSA and NEF would have their attention brought to this undertaking to ensure their immediate contribution to the funding of the project and its allied business operations. We will therefore be convening a special meeting with these entities to brief them on this investment opportunity as we believe their experience in the project promotion would be invaluable to the success of developing an impeccable financial model for this cable car business.

"Ithala's task will be supported by a technical team of senior government officials and co-opted private sector representatives led by the Head of Department for the implementation of this initiative. This team will also be charged with the responsibility of identifying and appointing the potential project operator with substantial experience in similar initiatives at global level.

"This should be an operator who also understands seasonal variations across the world with the capacity to assist with the marketing of the cable car to visitors that would be fascinated by the experience of favourable climatic conditions that KwaZulu-Natal is blessed with. This implies that the prospective operator would have to bring a combination of experience that includes technical and market- ing capacity to ensure long term business growth and sustainability. To ensure the viability of the project and successful bidding for its implementation, the above-mentioned team will also undertake an overseas tour of similar projects, especially those located within world heritage sites to be able to learn about how they managed to solicit the approval of UNESCO for their project implementations and what it is that we should consider when developing our own business case.

"The KwaZulu-Natal Ezemvelo Wildlife as our immediate expert custodians of our nature conservation would be playing an active role in this project. Ithala Development Finance Corporation will therefore be the developer of the project as stated above. It will therefore compare the content of the feasibility study and the overall project business plan to ensure synergic profile that is essential to avoid delays in the activation of this initiative, which we are confident would have significant economic spin-offs for the province and the region as a whole.

"We will therefore be announcing very soon the dates in which such fact-finding travels will be undertaken and a special workshop consisting of various role players will be held in November this year to assess the progress that had been made with respect to working towards the full swing implementation of this multi-million rand investment. We intend working closely with all affected stakeholders and interested parties to ensure that we have minimal delays and also present a uniform investment proposition."
SA Government speeches, 15 August 2015

All welcome at cable car talks by Mercury Reporter
"Local communities, environmental groups and any other critics of the project were 'more than welcome' to attend an international cable car conference.
Mike Mabuyakhulu was reacting yesterday to crticism from DA representative Ann McDonnel who said community and environmental groups appeared to have been 'shunned' deliberately and ex-cluded from groups invited to the conference."
The Mercury, 20 May 2015

Cable car jaunt is off - but not the project by Tony Carnie
"The MEC indicated that the study tour was cancelled and had been 'replaced' with plans for an international conference.
Earlier this year the DA calculated that it would cost about R4.3 million to send officials to the five cities on the 'extravagant and self-serving' study jaunt."
The Mercury, 19 May 2015

KZN to host cable car conference by Nivashni Nair
"In a reply in parliament, Mabuyakhulu said a R5-million global tour of cableways at heritage sites had been scrapped in favour of a conference.
Opponents of the project - well-known hiking and climbing organisations, the local AmaZizi community and environmentalists - are not listed as invited delegates."
The Mercury, 19 May 2015

Task team appointed for Drakensberg cableway by Mayibongwe Maqhina
"He [Mabuyakhulu] said a task team had been established to provide strategic direction for the project. 'The cable car will yield great economic spin-offs, not only for the Okhahlambaa area, but for the province of KwaZulu-Natal as a whole, hence the department has planned to host the cable car conference and exhibition' ".
Daily News / IOL, 14 May 2015

Berg cable car project on fast track by Sharika Regchand
Coverage on the latest budget speech by Mabuyakhulu to the provincial cabinet. The project is to be "fast tracked" and a conference will be held later in the year to attract potential investors and to get input from international cable car operators.
The Mercury, 13 May 2015

MEC Belinda Scott: KwaZulu-Natal 2015/16 Budget Vote by SA Government
KwaZulu-Natal 2015/16 Budget Vote speach by MEC Belinda Scott, where it is mentioned that the cost of the EIA for the cable car proposal has been budgeted for.
SA Government speeches, 10 May 2015

Drakensberg cableway still a long way off by Caro Malherbe
This update indicated that:
- the service provider for the EIA had not been finalised yet
- some sort of market testing would be conducted
- the delegation to study other cableways overseas would leave next month, at a cost of R130 000 per delegate
Tourism Update, 05 February 2015

Cable car study tour blasted by Chris Nlaliso
"The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development and Tourism has come under fire for a plan to send a delegation on a 'jaunt' to four overseas countries to view their cable cars.
'This jaunt is totally unnecessary and completely unjustifiable,' McDonnell said.
'We live in an age of technology - information regarding cableways and cable cars must be available on the internet. The trip is to be funded by the R1.1 million budget set aside for the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project.'
Madlala hit back, saying it was everyone's duty to look at ways of stimulating the province’s tourism sector. 'This project will add to the cornucopia of tourism offerings in the province,' he said."
Daily News, 19 January 2015

DA KZN: Cable Way 'global tour' set to cost KZN taxpayers millions by Mark Steele
"According to a recent parliamentary reply by MEC Mabuyakhulu to questions posed the DA's Ann McDonnell, the trip will include participants from EDTEA entities - Ithala, Trade and Industry KZN, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Tourism KZN and the iSimangaliso Wetands Park Authority - along with departmental officials and representatives from Graham Muller and Associates, authors of the feasibility study.

"Five different cable way sites including Cape Town's Table Mountain, Australia's Cairns Skyrail, Huanshan Cableway in China, Masada Cableway in Israel and Blatten Cableway in Switzerland will be visited.

"The DA is stunned that MEC Mabuyakhulu is steam-rolling through with such a trip in spite of the many objections the project has raised.

"This jaunt is totally unnecessary while the practical need for all five EDTEA entities to be accommodated on such an extravagant trip is completely unjustifiable. We live in an age of technology – information regarding cable ways and cable cars must be available on the internet.

"The MEC's reply also confirms that the trip is to be funded by the R1.1million budget set aside for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and that the department is currently obtaining cost estimates.

"Research conducted by the DA shows that the cost of the trip is likely to far outstrip the R1.1million set aside for the EIA, placing this critical process in jeopardy.

"If just three individuals from each of the entities mentioned go on the trip, with one person flying business class and the other two economy, staying at least five nights at each destination, the overall estimated average works out at R4.3million. This does not even take the various exchange rates into account."
Democratic Alliance, 19 January 2015

Focus on streamlining, clearing backlogs by Barbara Cole
"Meanwhile, the DA has warned the MEC that the plan for a Drakensberg cable car was becoming more farcical by the day and was doomed to fail.
'The involvement of the Ithala Development Bank as announced recently raised another red flag. The KZN portfolio committee for tourism has not yet met to discuss this project. To be informed by the media that Ithala is taking over the reins of this project is frankly insulting to the newly-elected legislature,' saida Ann McDonnell, DA KZN spokeswoman for economic development, tourism and environmental affairs. "
Daily News, 12 September 2014

MEC's "pie in the sky" project is farcical by Ann McDonnell
"The dogged persistence by KZN EDTEA MEC, Mike Mabuyakhulu - to soldier on with his 'pie in the sky' Drakensberg cableway project in the face of an increasingly difficult economic climate - becomes more farcical with each day.
"The KZN portfolio committee for Tourism has not yet met to discuss this project. To be informed by the media that Ithala is taking over the reins on this project is frankly insulting to the newly elected Legislature.
"During the recent KZN Budget approval process, the DA appealed to MEC Mabuyakhulu and his department to get the basics right. This means putting any grand plans for a cableway on the back burner."
Democratic Alliance KZN, 09 September 2014

Ithala to be developer of proposed Drakensberg cableway project by Leanne Jansen
"The Ithala Development Finance Corporation is to be the appointed developer of the project.
"The department was also looking to woo potential financial backers, including the Development Bank of South Africa, the National Empowerment Fund and the Industrial Development Corporation."
The Witness, 08 September 2014

Govt's big cableway junket by Steven Coan
"In a move that could easily set taxpayers back several hundred thousand rands, a team of provincial government officials is set for a global tour to inspect cableways around the world.
"These could include such cableways as those in the Swiss Alps, the Mount Etna cable car in Sicily, the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway in Cairns, Australia, and those in China’s Huangshan mountains."
The Witness, 06 September 2014

Officials plan world tour of cableways by Nivashni Nair
"Bheko Madlala yesterday confirmed that an "international study tour" would be undertaken as part of research into the proposed R500-million cableway in the northern Drakensberg. "We are still ... deciding on the countries to visit," he said. Madlala did not reveal the cost of the trip."
The Times, 04 September 2014

Drakensberg cable car project on track by Khatija Nxedlana
"A developer is set to be appointed soon to begin work on the Drakensberg Cable Car project. "
"But we are also going to be having a team that will undertake a global tour that will be visiting heritage sites where there are cable cars and cable ways and that will be done quite shortly before the end of September."
East Coast Radio, 1 September 2014

Hospitality levy on the cards by Peta Lee
Coverage of the DEDTEA budget speech for 2014, in which the cable car proposal was mentioned, which would be "fast-tracked."
The Witness, 20 August 2014

Fast track for 34 KZN projects by Colleen Dardagan
"Heads of department in Kwa-Zulu Natal's provincial government have agreed to team up to ease red tape on 34 multi-billion rand development projects which they say must get done by 2030 if they are to meet a 2.1 million employment target."
The Drakensberg cable car was mentioned as one of these projects.
The Mercury, 3 August 2014

My South African Adventure: Scottish Highlands Meets the Stone Age at World Heritage Drakensberg Park by Cath Everett
"Although not actually in the UKhahlamba/Drakensberg World Heritage Park itself, there are concerns that its status could be jeopardised by the development. Members of the local AmaZizi tribe are also said to be against the move due to fears of having their traditional way of life disrupted. On the other side of the tricky conservation versus economic development coin though is the Kwa-Zulu Natal Department of Economic Development and Tourism. It is keen to fulfill its remit, boost visitor numbers and bring much-needed employment to the area and, therefore, sees the cable car as the way to go. As to who is in the right, only time will tell."
International Business Times, 4 April 2014

Documentary on the cableway proposal by the 50/50 TV show, aired 17 March 2014 on SABC 2


Cableway to nowhere? by Steven Coan
"The proposed Drakensberg cableway has been called economically unfeasible, Ezemvelo KZN Widlife has condemned it and the community most affected by it, the AmaZizi, are asking why their existing upliftment and conservation projects are being ignored."
The Witness, 06 March 2014


Gov responds to Drakensberg Cableway critics by Dorine Reinstein
"KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development and Tourism MEC, Michael Mabuyakhulu, recently addressed some prominent concerns with regard to the Drakensberg Cableway, such as the state of the R74, the impact on the World Heritage Site and the pricing structure."
Southern African Tourism Update, 24 February 2014


Berg cable debate ignores people by Jeff Guy
"The debate on whether the cable car plan for the Drakensberg should go ahead has thus far not taken into account how it would affect the local communities whose ancestors have lived and toiled the land in the area for two centuries."
The Mercury, 17 February 2014


MEC Michael Mabuyakhulu: Address on New York investment opportunities in Africa by SA Government
Address by Mabuyakhulu on opportunities in Africa, in which he mentioned that the cable car, which will be "one of the longest cable cars in the world", is part of the South African governments plans for the "biggest infrastructure development project on the African continent", which in turn is all part of "Africa's economic renaissance".
SA Government speeches, 13 Feb 2014


Cableway 'will impact on heritage site' by Tony Carnie
"Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has warned that the R570-million Drakensberg cableway proposal could jeopardise the status of one of the country’s first World Heritage Sites and scupper plans to join up fragments of the mountain wilderness area. The conservation agency has called for a series of specialist studies by independent economists and tourism experts to review the draft business plan, to avoid the risk of developing a “white elephant” on the border of the Maloti Drakensberg Park world heritage site. "
The Mercury, 10 February 2014


Cableway offers lifeline to uplift poor by Rob Haswell
"The decision by KwaZulu-Natal’s Economic Development and Tourism MEC, Michael Mabuyakhulu, not to be deterred by the response from environmentalists and to extend the scope of the proposed Berg cableway into Lesotho and the Free State has much to commend it."
Sunday Tribune, 12 February 2014


Berg cableway risks becoming another 'white elephant' by Johann Krogg
"Without a finalised business plan or buy in from private investors, the proposed Drakensburg cable way runs the very real risk of becoming yet another expensive 'white elephant'."
A statement by the DA expression concern and caution over the proposal.
Democratic Alliance, 04 February 2014


Berg cable car is just not viable by Steve Cooke
"Bheko Madlala's letter 'Cable Car will bring exciting way to see Berg' (The Mercury January 27) was in response to an earlier article 'Draft cableway plan shot down' which drew its information from a report by Newman Accounting and Tax services.

"If it goes ahead. the cable car will be a 'game changer': unfortunately the game is Russian roulette and no one in the project team or the department has realistically checked the numbers to see how many rounds are in the cylinder. Regrettably the casualty will be our wilderness and all this will achieve long term is a derelict messy scar in an environmentally sensitive area."
The Mercury, 4 February 2014


Drakensberg Cable Car – Why not? by Jordan Dwyer
"The proposed Drakensberg Cable Car will probably cost more than it makes and might even put some businesses out of business, but don’t worry, if all else fails it can be used as an emergency safe point for stranded hikers during adverse weather conditions. By the way adverse weather conditions means no cable car service and Drakensberg is all about adverse weather conditions. Durban, the next Capetown? Like many KZN enthusiasts, I want the proposed Drakensberg cable car plan to go forward, for no other reason other than I want to say nah nah nah nah nah to Capetown folk. But I’m no ones fool and I know it will probably cost more than it makes just to keep that thing in the air."
New Age Media blog, 04 February 2014


Berg cableway plan has flaws: analyst by Sihle Mthembu
"A financial analyst says plans to develop a cableway in the Drakensberg could be derailed by inaccurate feasibility studies."
East Coast Radio, 03 February 2014


Coverage of DEDT media brief held on 30 January 2014

In this media release, it was announced that the cableway may be extended into Lesotho, and that consultations with counterparts in Lesotho and the Free State province had been undertaken. The public participation process was also extended to February 14. The DEDT also announced they were looking to appoint a developer who'll steer the project and help identify a suitable strategic partner. Promises were made that Unesco would be informed of the proposal.

Cableway may enter Lesotho
The Times, 31 January 2014


Cableway plans extended to Lesotho
The Mercury, 31 January 2014


Plans to extend Berg cable car
Daily News, 31 January 2014


More time for Berg cable car
The Witness, 31 January 2014


New developments in Drakensberg cableway plan
"Durban – The controversial 7km cable car route planned for the Drakensberg, may now be extended by another 5km to the Afrikski resort in Lesotho.
While the cableway has been dubbed a tourism ‘game changer’ by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism in KZN, various environmental groups have pointed out a number of flaws in the plan."
News24, 31 January 2014


KZN seeks cable car development partner
East Coast Radio, 02 February 2014


Berg cableway could be extended to Lesotho
East Coast Radio, 30 January 2014


Environmental assessment set for cable car site
East Coast Radio, 30 January 2014


Cable car will bring interesting way to see the Berg
A response by the DEDT to "Drakensberg plan shot down" - The Mercury, 27 January 2014


Cableway's uphill battle
An article highlighting the views of the local AmaZizi people on the proposal - The Times, 24 January 2014


Cable car pipe dream by Edward West

Review of R500 mln project in the Berg exposes financial viability concerns.

The Witness, 20 February 2014

Feasibility of Drakensberg cableway questioned
"Plans to build a cable car in the Drakensberg to increase KwaZulu Natal’s tourism offering have received little support from the trade, with concerns raised including the feasibility of the cableway and the state of the R74 road.
Views from the management of some of the local hotels were expressed in this article."
Southern African Tourism Update, 15 January 2014


Kabelkar ja of nee
An article highlighting the review of the business plan and the lacking community consultation - Beeld, Jan 2014


Drakensberg plan shot down
An article highlighting the review of the business plan and the lacking community consultation - The Mercury, Jan 2014


Cableway plan under fire An article highlighting the review of the business plan - The Times, Jan 2014


MEC Mabuyakhulu accused of ‘complete lack of respect to AmaZizi’
An important article on the statement released by the AmaZizi Tribal Authority - The Witness, December 2013


What cableway will mean for KZN tourism
The Mercury, December 2013


Stakeholders discuss Drakensberg Cable Car Project
"Graham Muller said that the 'development will constitute a sensitively engineered balance between eco–tourism and conservation related facilities, top–class nature and cultural education interpretative centres, recreational, hospitality and commercial outlets.' "
Coverage of the business breakfast held on 5 December 2013
Estcourt and Midlands News, 12 December 2013


Drakensberg cable car project on track
Coverage on the public meeting held on December 5th - East Coast Radio, December 2013


Thousands attend cable car meeting
Reference to the public meeting held on November 23rd - The Witness, November 2013


Tourism grand plan launched by Suren Naidoo
"Durban - The KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Master Plan was launched by the Economic Development and Tourism MEC, Michael Mabuyakhulu, and Tourism KZN bosses at the Fairmont Zimbali Hotel in Ballito Tuesday. These projects include a Drakensberg cable car; the King Shaka statue near the Tugela River mouth; a monument or statue near the Durban Harbour breakwater entrance; a landmark bridge from the Bluff, over the harbour, linked to the Durban point area; major beach resorts on the coast; and a new Isandlwana Development Precinct in the historic KZN battlefields area. "
The Mercury, 27 September 2013


uThukela Growth and Development Summit by SA Government
" 'Last year no fewer than 135,000 tourists visited the Northern Berg and a further 41,000 tourists visited the Golden Gate National Park near the Drakensberg. These numbers clearly prove the feasibility of the cable car project,' said Dube. "
SA Government media statements, 10 September 2013


Community in the Gap talking for Nature
Very informative article on the position of the local Busingata community regarding the cableway - The Green Times, August 2013


Drakensberg cable car debate is back
City Press, August 2013


Cableway could be ‘pie in the sky‘
The Mercury, August 2013


Drakensberg white elephant
Letter to the Editor, The Witness, August 2013


‘Not enough feet‘ for the Drakensberg
Business Day Live, August 2013


Drakensberg cableway - a ‘game changer‘
The Witness, July 2013


Mt Amery chosen for cableway
The Witness, July 2013


White Elephants in the Berg
Vertical Endeavour Media Statement in The Witness, July 2013


Cableway a high-wire act
Times Live, July 2013


Watch out, Cape Town, Drakensberg cableway gets green light
City Press, July 2013


Cableway to the clouds by Steven Coan
Coverage on the feasibility study, and also highlights meetings held by the Drakensberg Cableway Project Steering Committee, to which the AmaZizi and the AmaNgwane were initially not even invited to.
The Witness, 12 June 2013


Address by the MEC for Economic Development and Tourism
At the 2013 KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Indaba in which the latest proposal was mentioned


Drakensberg cable car
Letter to the Editor, The Witness, October 2012


Cableway to conflict
very informative article written at the time when the Mnweni was still under consideration- The Witness, Oct 2012


Cable car plan for Drakensberg by Suren Naidoo and Bronwyn Fourie
"Mike Mabuyakhulu, KZN’s Economic Development and Tourism MEC, announced at the tourism Indaba in Durban at the weekend that a detailed feasibility study on the proposed Drakensberg Cable Car was about to get under way"
The Mercury, 14 May 2012


Boon or bane for the berg?
Daily Witness, May 2012


Concern over Drakensberg cable car by ECR News Watch
"Mountain climbing enthusiasts are concerned about a proposal to erect a cable-car in the Drakensberg. They feel the venture won't be sustainable. The Mountain Club of SA says remote locations within the mountain range could make it difficult to generate enough foot traffic to keep the project off the ground."
OFM, 16 May 2012

Berg cable car: do we need one?
The Witness, May 2012